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Pricing for Dr Andrew Greenland’s Treatments – Effective 01 January 2020

We have listed the prices for our various treatments / services below. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch

Please note that we require a credit / debit card payment for the full consultation fee at the time of booking.


ServiceNew Patient Initial Consultation / TreatmentFollow Up Consultation / Treatment
· Functional Medicine
· Herbal Medicine
· Naturopathy
£660.00 / 120 minutes*£330.00 / 60 minutes
· Bredesen Protocol (for Neurocognitive decline / Alzheimer’s Disease)**£1095.00 / 180 minutes£730.00 / 120 minutes
(1 st follow up)
£365.00 / 60 minutes
(subsequent follow
· Food Allergy / Sensitivity /Intolerance Testing£330 / 60 minutes*£330.00 / 45 minutes

£289.00 / 60 minutes

All fees quoted above are for consultation time only and do not include the cost of any investigations, treatments, nutritional supplements or herbal medicines etc.


  • Free review of medical reports, correspondence, test results etc (when submitted) prior to consultation
  • Free review of pre-consultation questionnaires
  • Email summary and treatment plan following the consultation
  • Free email support for two weeks following consultation

Discounts on Nutritional Supplements

We are pleased to offer registered patients a 10% discount on branded nutritional supplements ordered through the clinic’s principal supplier (subject to availability). Minimum order value: £100.00

Customised Herbal Medicines

Customised herbal tinctures typically cost £65.00 / 500mls plus shipping. This generally equates to a 4-5 week supply. Customised herbal formulae in capsule form typically cost £73.17 / 300 capsules (minimum order size) plus shipping. This generally equates to a 4-5 week supply.

Our Cancellation Policy

Appointments missed or cancelled at less than 48 hours’ notice are subject to the full consultation fee.

Please feel free to request a longer appointment when booking, if you think you have a particularly complex problem. This will allow Dr Greenland enough time for a thorough exploration of your case, and formulation of an appropriate treatment plan.
Andrew Greenland totally integrated medicine

Our Address

Maple Leaf Clinic
20 The Green

tel: 020 8787 5750
email: mail@andrewgreenland.co.uk Our appointments / enquiries phone number is manned from 8.00am to 7.00pm Monday to Friday and 8.30am to 5.30pm on Saturdays

Payment Methods

Cash, cheque, and credit / debit cards
(Visa and Mastercard only)

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