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Sport Injury Pain - Are you feeling the pain?

In an ideal world we could all partake in sport and recreational activities and only reap the positive benefits to our bodies. Unfortunately, many athletes and amateur sport participants do so either with existing niggles and pains, or they pick up injuries and knocks whilst training or engaging in their sports.

Sport Injuries and Back Pain

Sports injuries are very common, especially in high speed contact sports such as rugby or football.

However, what may start as an ankle or knee injury can often lead to issues developing further up the mechanical chain, resulting in core stability changes and, ultimately, back pain.

So, what you may attribute as back ache may actually be caused by an historic injury to your lower limb!

Even that trip to the gym could lead to an injury – either as a result of the repetitive nature of the training, incorrect posture, or even over training, when the body is pushed beyond sensible limits.

It is important to listen to your body when you experience pain, rather than ignoring or trying to circumnavigate it, since this is a warning that something isn’t right.

Sport Injury Treatment

As part of our holistic approach, we understand that you may be experiencing pain as a symptom of an underlying condition or mechanical problem.

We will therefore conduct a methodical functional and biomechanical assessment to identify the root cause of the pain.

We can then offer tailored treatment to help restore normal joint movement and flexibility to the problem area identified, increase your sense of wellbeing, and ultimately alleviate that pain.

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