The Bredesen Protocol

The Bredesen Protocol – The First Program to Reverse and Prevent Cognitive Decline

The Bredesen Protocol is a comprehensive personalised program designed to improve cognition and reverse the cognitive decline of early Alzheimer’s disease. It was designed by Dr Dale Bredesen, an internationally recognised expert in the mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s Disease.

The Bredesen Protocol

The Bredesen Protocol

How is the program designed?

Following the initial clinical assessment, many variables from a participant’s medical history, cognitive testing, volumetric MRI brain imaging, laboratory and genetic testing are entered into a proprietary algorithm to produce the ReCode report. This provides a personalised snapshot of the participant’s current state of cognitive decline; highlights the primary areas of concern and; suggests how to specifically address each issue and optimise their metabolic parameters.

Can the Bredesen Protocol be used for preventing Alzheimer’s?

Absolutely.  A personalised prevention programme is also available for anyone with Alzheimer’s in the family or for others at risk of developing the condition (e.g. due to a genetic predisposition).  In such cases the ReCode report will provide recommendations for normalising all metabolic parameters to prevent the onset of cognitive decline.

What treatment strategies are typically recommended to patients following the Bredesen Protocol?

The Bredesen Protocol is not a one size fits all approach and will recommend treatment strategies that are highly specific to individual participants. However these typically fall into the following main areas:

Metabolic Normalisation

This is done by tracking and treating / optimising the following parameters:

  • Homocysteine  (an independent predictor of potential health problems including Alzheimer’s disease)
  • B vitamins
  • Inflammation
  • Insulin sensitivity
  • Hormones
  • Zinc: Copper ratio
  • Vitamin D
  • Heavy metal toxicity
  • Antioxidants

This invariably involves a bespoke nutritional / botanical supplementation schedule.


  • Dietary optimisation and a move towards a ketogenic diet
  • Improving gastrointestinal health


  • Stress reduction
  • Sleep optimisation
  • Exercise – focusing on the right type, frequency and intensity

Brain strategies

  • Regular brain training exercises
The Bredesen Protocol

The Bredesen Protocol

What are the costs involved?

Consultation Charges:

  • Initial clinical assessment – £1095.00 / 3 hours
  • First follow up appointment – £730.00 / 2 hours
  • Follow up appointments thereafter – £365.00 / hour (usually required every 4-8 weeks), but this is entirely
    flexible depending on the level of support required and budget available

In addition to consultation fees, you need to be aware of the other costs inherent in enrolling in the Bredesen protocol, which are as follows: for our fee structure:

    • Diagnostic Laboratory workup. This is very much dependent on the extent to which investigation is required and will be in consultation with the participant. However, the entry level is £3984.00 and includes the following panels:
        • Homocysteine  (an independent predictor of potential health problems including Alzheimer’s disease)
        • Vitamin and Mineral profile 
        • Blood sugar control and Insulin sensitivity
        • Omega 3:6 fatty acid profile
        • Comprehensive Lipid / cholesterol profile with lipid sub-fractions
        • Non-lipid biomarkers of Cardiovascular risk 
        • Full Hormonal evaluation
        • Inflammatory markers
        • Heavy metals
        • Antioxidant status 
        • Genetic factors 
        • Blood count
        • Liver function
        • Kidney function
        • Leaky gut test
        • Leaky brain test
        • Wheat / gluten reactivity
        • NEW Alzheimer’s associated immune reactivity / environmental triggers

      Some patients require more extensive testing, for which additional, more advanced, panels are required.  Examples include:

      • CIRS markers for suspected mould / biotoxin illness – £1244.00
      • Lyme Disease / Full Lyme coinfection screen – £1486.00
      • Comprehensive autoimmune profile – £775.33
      • Gluten Associated cross reactive foods – £322.36
      • Food sensitivity Testing (180 Foods) – £750.17
      • Comprehensive Digestive stool analysis – £407.00
  • Volumetric MRI Brain Scan with Neuroreader Report (NB this is a more advanced / specialised MRI scan
    than is typically offered in the standard NHS work-up for patients with cognitive decline) – £1000.00
  • Neuro-cognitive Assessment (this is administered at the clinic and requires a one hour appointment slot) – £425.00 (This is a more detailed computerised assessment of cognitive function than the ‘paper and pen’ exercise completed during the clinical assessment. It enables us to establish an accurate baseline for the various domains of cognition and thereby helps us to track progress on the programme. Please note that this is not always suitable for patients with more advanced disease at first presentation or for those who are uncomfortable with using a computer.)
  • Participant subscription to Apollo Health (for access to the Recode Report, Brain HQ (brain-training exercises) Town Hall events with Dr Bredesen – $75 per month for a one year minimum commitment

Ongoing Nutritional Supplementation Program

  • The average patient spend on nutritional supplements, botanicals and prescribed bioidentical hormones is £500.00 – £750.00 per month but this is highly variable and will ultimately depend on the extent of metabolic normalisation required.

Follow Up Lab Testing

  • We usually repeat selected (i.e. the most aberrant) biomarkers at 3-6 month intervals to track progress and to ensure that the programme is achieving metabolic normalisation

What Support will I Need whilst I am on the Bredesen Protocol?

Dependent on the extent of a participant’s cognitive impairment, it will be essential for them to have the full support and encouragement of immediate family members whilst adopting the Bredesen Protocol.  The program often requires participants to make major shifts in their diets and lifestyles, which are easier to implement if significant others, family and friends are on board to support them in this process.

We often recommend a suitably qualified health coach, to provide ongoing support, guidance and motivation with the program between clinic appointments. We can recommend a health coach if required.

When can I expect to see changes if I follow the Bredesen Protocol?

It is always difficult to give a precise answer to this question, since every participant will respond differently.  However, we generally expect patients to start noticing results within six months of beginning the program.  However, to maintain improvements and prevent further cognitive decline, participants should consider the program as a long-term prospect.

Where can I obtain further information on the Bredesen Protocol?

For further information on the Bredesen Protocol, we recommend reading the book entitled ‘The End of Alzheimer’s’ by Dr Dale Bredesen.

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