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Herbal Medicine

Herbal Medicine

The origins of herbal medicine can be traced back thousands of years to the ancient civilizations of Greece, India and China. However, plants have been used for their therapeutic benefits since the beginning of human endeavour, and many modern medicines contain synthetic versions of natural compounds found in plants.

Is Herbal Medicine Effective?

As a medical herbalist, Dr Andrew Greenland is keen to point out that herbs are not simply ‘soft’ alternatives to drugs, but powerful agents of healing in their own right. The fact that the pharmaceutical industry has adopted plants as source materials tends to overshadow the fact that herbs were in use before we even knew what a drug was.

Is Herbal Medicine Safe?

As modern medicines and herbal remedies share so much commonality, both can have equally potent effects on the body. It is, therefore, vitally important to receive prescriptive treatment from someone who you would expect to be as qualified as an orthodox medical practitioner.

Dr Andrew Greenland has been trained to a very high standard to not only advise on what herbal remedy may be beneficial in a given situation and what is clinically validated according to up-to-date research, but also to be fully aware of any potential side effects, and what may be contraindicated in certain diseases or individuals. He also has a sound understanding of any conventional medicines you may be taking, and is therefore best placed to ensure that you receive the optimal complementary and therapeutic benefits of any herbal remedies that may aid your recovery.

How Widespread is Herbal Medicines Use?

It may surprise you to discover that in some Asian and African countries, up to 80% of the population may rely on botanicals as their primary source of medicine! Taking the knowledge and expertise gained by these different cultures and blending that with conventional western medicine knowledge allows Dr Andrew Greenland to offer you the very best integrated medicine experience.

What to Expect at the Herbal Medicine Consultation

Dr Greenland will begin the consultation by taking a full case history through a series of questions about your health, current symptoms, past medical events, and medication. He will want to know about your eating patterns, whether you exercise, and if there are any particular stresses in your life. He will also ask you about your family history to identify any hereditary conditions.

On the basis of this information and other diagnostic factors, Dr Greenland will recommend a treatment plan, which may include a herbal remedy. Dr Greenland has a fully stocked herbal dispensary and he will be able to provide you with a customised herbal formula within a couple of days if appropriate. He will also give you a lot of advice on what you can do to regain and maintain your health using diet, nutritional supplements and lifestyle changes.

Dr Greenland usually supplies herbal formulae in tincture form i.e. liquid extract of herb in an alcohol base – as this provides the most effective means of absorption into the bloodstream. However, he can also supply herbs in powdered or capsule form by special arrangement, if preferred. In addition, he sometimes prescribes herbs in the form of teas or creams, depending on an individual patient’s needs.

Dr Andrew Greenland has extensive training in both conventional western medicine, and complementary medicine. This level of dedication to patient care gives Andrew unrivalled credibility within healthcare and is your reassurance of receiving the very best, professional integrated medicine care.

Herbal Medicine

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