Integrated Medicine

What is Integrated Medicine?

Integrated Medicine

Integrated Medicine

You may have heard the term “Integrated Medicine” before but wondered exactly what it was?

To Dr Greenland, Integrated Medicine is more than just offering complementary or alternative treatments alongside conventional medicine. Integrated medicine is all about putting the focus on you as an individual, and selecting the most appropriate treatment for your complete health and vitality.

With Dr Greenland’s outstanding conventional medicine qualifications you can rest assured that only the complementary treatments that have scientific evidence of being safe and effective are integrated into your care plan.

Whole Person Focus

Sometimes the best way forward in healing is not just to treat or repress symptoms, but to investigate the whole person and to discover any root cause that may prevent complete healing and well being.

Can I Trust “Alternative” Medicine

In the United Kingdom, anyone can legally declare themselves an expert or practitioner in alternative medicine and begin to offer services and treatments. This is regardless of any knowledge or training they may, or may not, have undertaken with regards to the complementary and alternative treatments they are offering.

Dr Andrew Greenland has extensive training in both conventional western medicine, and complementary medicine. This level of dedication to patient care gives Andrew unrivalled credibility within healthcare and is your reassurance of receiving the very best, professional integrated medicine care.

Integrated Medicine

If you have any concerns, or wish to read more on Complementary or Alternative Medicine (CAM) treatments then please visit the dedicated NHS page

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