Naturopathy (Natural medicine)

What Is Naturopathy?



With modern lifestyles, poor diets and city living, many people are subject to chronic daily mental and physical stress. Without tackling these stresses it is very easy for physical and mental wellbeing to rapidly degrade. We often don’t have time to fully acknowledge our bodies warning signs.

As a professional naturopath, Dr Andrew Greenland works with you to analyse your lifestyle and its impact on your wellbeing. Providing a complete integrated medicine solution, we can look at all available means to nurse your body back to optimal health.

Naturopathy is the treatment of medical problems using natural therapies such as nutrition, and herbal medicine. Naturopaths also inform on disease prevention and recommend lifestyle changes to encourage optimum health.

Examples of Naturopathic Treatments

The advantage of seeing Dr Greenland is that he can combine traditional medicine with the appropriate natural therapies to achieve a return to perfect health.

We have more on the specific complementary therapies we offer on our medical acupuncture and herbal medicine pages.

Dr Andrew Greenland has extensive training in both conventional western medicine, and complementary medicine. This level of dedication to patient care gives Andrew unrivalled credibility within healthcare and is your reassurance of receiving the very best, professional integrated medicine care.

Naturopathy (Natural medicine)

If you have any concerns, or wish to read more on Complementary or Alternative Medicine (CAM) treatments then please visit the dedicated NHS page

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